Public Health in Castle Donington, West Leicestershire

Park in North West Leicestershire

We aim to achieve Healthy Living Pharmacy status in all of our branches, you can click here to find out more about healthy living pharmacies. This means that our pharmacies will meet certain public health standards. We will focus on the public health needs of the community around each of our branches. This page focuses on local public health in North West Leicestershire, where our Castle Donington branch is located.

What is the public health like for people living in North West Leicestershire?

There are some areas where the health of people in North West Leicestershire is better than the average for England. These include rates of violent crimes, long term unemployment, alcohol related harm and sexually transmitted diseases. The rates of these are all lower than the average for England.

There are also some areas where the health of the people in Erewash is worse than the average for England. These include the number of adults who are overweight or obese, the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents and the number of people who have diabetes which are all higher than the average for England. The number of people breast feeding is lower than the average for England.

How can I access information on public health in North West Leicestershire?

You can read the health profile for North West Leicestershire, simply type North West Leicestershire into the search function in the link. If you want to view the health profile for the whole of Leicestershire, then type Leicestershire into the search function in the link. You can also access a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Leicestershire and information about a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for Leicestershire.