Non-travel vaccines


Non-travel Vaccines

Flu vaccination service


We offer a range of vaccines from all of our pharmacies. Below is a price list.

You can also book an appointment at a pharmacy near you.

Please use our online booking form or phone one of our branches to talk to our qualified pharmacists who can advise you on when to have the vaccine.

  • Meningitis B Vaccine (2-3 doses age dependent) £115 per dose
  • Shingles Vaccine (1 dose) £150 per dose
  • Chickenpox Vaccine (2 doses) £62.50 per dose
  • Cervical Cancer and Genital Wart Vaccine (3 doses) Gardasil £113 per dose Gardasil 9 £150
  • Flu Vaccine-waiting to be confirmed – usually available from September onwards – NHS & Private vaccines available.
  • NEW!! Hayfever vaccine (Kenalog Injection) £55.  (Available for over 18 years only)